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Using Educational Technology Effectively

We use many award-winning and reputable educational technology resources at UICOM including:

  • Learning Management System (LMS): Blackboard
  • Polling: Poll Everywhere, Zoom, Kahoot!*
  • Study resources for students: Osmosis, Aquifer
  • Video for faculty to use for instruction: Osmosis, Vimeo, YouTube, professional organizations**, etc.
  • Recorded video content: Echo360, Panopto***
  • Assessment and evaluation: BenWare, Qualtrics, eValue****
  • Collaborative / Visual Thinking: Box Canvas

* COM does not provide accounts for Kahoot! but you can create your own
** If you want to link to a video (or other resource) from a professional organization, make sure it is ok to do so and the link is public
*** COM primarily uses Echo360, not Panopto but the latter is provided to the UIC community.
**** Peoria mainly uses eValue

Educational Technologies and Resources Not Officially Used at UICOM

This is not an exhaustive list. It includes resources we know students and faculty like to use (and sometimes in lieu of the resources we provide to them): AmbossAnkiBoards and BeyondBootcampPathomaPicmonic,Sketchy Medical (part of the Sketchy series).

It might be worth faculty time to investigate these tools to see how they might include it in their facilitation of sessions. Note – we do not subscribe (pay for) to these resources for students to use and some students pay for their own subscriptions. Faculty can contact the companies to see if they will provide you with a free account.

If you are interested in pursuing a tech tool that we do not provide, it is important to ensure they are ADA compliant. The UIC Department of Disability and Human Development in the College of Applied Health Sciences (AHS) has the Great Lakes ADA Center and is a great place to consult with to make sure you are using appropriate technologies.

Below you can see some educational technology tools we use in our curriculum and how they might be utilized. You can use this rubric tool for assessing the best fit for technology you are thinking of using.

In addition, here is a list put together by ACCC to help you choose the best cloud-based storage options: .

Educational Technology at UICOM

TechnologyDescriptionCategoryHow Might I Use This Tool?
AquiferAquifer is a repository of courses that are evidence-based and peer reviewed. At UICOM, we are currently using them in multiple parts of the curriculum, including for clerkships in the M3 year.Case-based learningFor each clerkship, students must complete 2 pre-assigned cases in Aquifer prior to starting the clerkship. The list of required cases is in Box and in Blackboard.
ArticulateArticulate is high-end software & a browser-based tool that ups your game with the design and development of interactive modules. It includes Rise360 and Storyline360, which are the main tools we use at COM.Screencast software &
learning module development
Because Articulate is fairly expensive, we have a limited license. Contact your coordinators or block / clerkship leads for more information.
BenWare / MedEd DatabaseBenWare, also known as the Medical Education Database, is a powerful set of applications that run UICOM exams, course evaluations, TBL, and more.

  • Assessment

  • Evaluation

  • Patient Logs

  • Team-Based Learning

BlackboardBlackboard is the learning management system (LMS) used by the entire University of Illinois system (except for Urbana which uses Canvas). There are some functions we use in Blackboard that are quite standard and existing documentation from Blackboard and UIC can supply adequate information. Learning Management System (LMS)
BoxBox is a cloud-storage system that houses all of the UICOM curricular files as well as thousands of other related artifacts.Cloud-based storageBox houses the entire curriculum for UICOM. We use it to share curricular materials with students by linking to documents housed in Box to Blackboard. You can use it to store your own documents securely and share them with others.

Here is a general workflow.
Box CanvasCloud-based whiteboardYou can use Box Canvas to collaborate visually on projects, ideas, and plans.
CamtasiaAt UICOM, some of our faculty and staff use Tech Smith’s Camtasia to create microlectures. This software can be purchased from the University of Illinois through the iBUY system or direction from the company (ask for an education discount). It is a more robust program and may take a bit to learn how to use it. Contact your block / clerkship leaders, coordinators, or other staff to get more information on using this software to create a micro-lecture.

  • Screencast software

  • Learning Module development

Explain EverythingExplain Everything is a tablet-based app that can be used to create short micro-lectures.Screencast softwareHere is how you can turn your slide deck into a presentation using EE: Turn your static presentation into a video.
JeopardyJeopardy probably does need an introduction - but it is a competition-based game.GamificationAt UICOM, we have an account (check with your coordinators or block leads). Jeopardy Labs. Otherwise, it is $20 for a lifetime account for yourself. Thousands of users have shared their Jeopardy games. You can clone a game and edit for your own use.
Kahoot!Kahoot! is a game-based option to help create an active learning experience for both instructors and students.GamificationContact your block leaders or coordinators for access. The college does not currently pay for accounts.

Once you log in, go here: and start creating your Kahoot!

There are three ways you can create a Kahoot game:

  • Quiz (multiple choice / multiple answer)

  • Jumble (Drag answers in correct order)

  • Survey (Gather student feedback)

OsmosisOsmosis is a web- and mobile application that makes medical education more efficient. Content from our courses is uploaded to the Osmosis system by UICOM coordinators or students, depending on the campus.

  • Self-paced study tool

  • Supplementary videos for instruction

The system scans the text on these documents and provides relevant educational content like videos, USMLE-style practice questions, references to First Aid, etc. for students to use for studying. Here is a brief overview. Students can use it to help them prepare for class exams, Step 1, and further down the road, other board exams such as Step 2.
PicmonicPicmonic is a tool that is used by many students at UICOM. Faculty can create / request a free account that gives you access to the full breadth of the program and you can use this during facilitation of sessions. UICOM does not pay for student accounts, but many students use it anyway (and pay for it themselves). Give it a test drive and work with your instructional designer to determine best practices for utilizing it for teaching and learning.

  • Gamification

  • Student study resource

  • Alternate representation of content

Poll EverywhereIt is an application that works well for live audiences using a web browser or mobile devices (e.g., smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc.). People participate by visiting a mobile-friendly web page for your course or via text message. Polls can also be embedded in PowerPoint, Google Slides, Apple's Keynote.

  • Polling

  • Pulse-checks

  • Surveys

Here is a way to use Poll Everywhere in video conferencing, video instruction, etc.

PowerPoint (or other slide software)PowerPoint is probably the most commonly used software program for presentations. Slide presentation softwareTake a look at this page for some helpful guidelines and best practices.
ZoomZoom is cloud-based meeting software used the world over.Web-based meeting software

Sign into, host, or join Zoom meetings: Log in screen. An app will be downloaded to your desktop or mobile device.

Get Answers: Zoom provides direct support 24/7

Go here for answers to general questions about Zoom.

Here is some UICOM specific Zoom help.

Check back often as more resources are added.