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Roles and Responsibilities for Phase 1 Course Directors

The Illinois Medicine Curriculum is an integrated organ segment curriculum. The curriculum focuses on integrating the basic sciences with clinical science; integrating principles of health systems science, professional development with foundational principles and clinical science.

In autumn of 2017, the three campuses that make up UICOM (Chicago, Peoria, & Rockford) worked towards creating a comparable curriculum across the campuses to meet LCME standards. This has led to the development of cross-campus curriculum development with emphasis on local implementation of a shared curriculum. The latter requires close collaboration and communication between the local design / delivery faculty and the college-wide content development team.

The Phase 1 curriculum is organized into block courses and longitudinal courses. Each block has 1-2 block leaders. A block leader is responsible for cross-campus collaboration and development of the block curriculum. The block team consists of campus course directors. Each campus has 1-2 course directors for the block at the local level. This can include both basic sciences faculty and clinical science faculty.

Standardized roles and responsibilities for Phase 1 College-Wide Block Leaders and Local Course Directors

These guidelines for Phase 1 roles and responsibilities were developed in early 2022 and will be revisited annually in case updates or modifications are necessary.

Phase 1 College-Wide Block Leaders:

Local Course Directors: