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The UICOM curriculum for Phases 1-3 is very complex. Our hope is that you find the information you seek to aid you in your work. In this section, we include definitions and clarity of terms used in our curriculum. Check out Illinois Medicine Curriculum Structure and Organization on the left to learn more.

Curious about some of the terminology you hear such as angoff ratingbackward design, and blended learning? Check out the Terms Used in the Illinois Medicine Curriculum on the left.

All the News That Fits is our blog - used to provide more context to certain aspects of the curriculum as well as explain pedagogical language, for example. If you are interested in writing a blog post, contact Dr. Max Anderson.

We also use a lot of different types of educational technology such as the basics (e.g., PowerPoint) to more complex (e.g., Poll Everywhere, Blackboard, Echo360). Links to helpful information on specific educational technology are included in the link on the left.

In addition, you might hear the names of people associated with the curriculum and need to find out more than just their contact information (e.g., what is their responsibility in the curriculum?). There is a Who's Who link on the left as well. This is updated regularly - if you are not listed or your information is incorrect, contact Dr. Max Anderson ( so it can be corrected.