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Guides for New Instructors in the Basic and Clinical Sciences

Here we provide you with information that can help you get started teaching in Phases 1-3 of the Illinois Medicine Curriculum at the University of Illinois College of Medicine (UICOM), especially if you are new faculty here. Check out other links in this area of the website (Resources for Faculty) for helpful information on course design.

Information will be added here as time permits.

If you would like to offer your assistance to populate this page (or elsewhere in the website), please contact Dr. Max Anderson.


Guides and Information for New Faculty Teaching in Basic Sciences Heading link

Guide for new faculty at the University of British Columbia (UBC) created by Jim Sibley (Team-Based Learning legend) – while this is geared to UBC faculty, there are some good nuggets within it like:

  • DO NOT read the syllabus to the students, encourage them to read it on their own time. Reading the syllabus to the students is a real energy killer and can set up in the students’ minds that “I am just going to sit and listen for the rest of the semester.”
  • If you expect student engagement to be the norm all semester, you should start right off with some activities or at least some engaging questioning. A caution about questioning – ask your first question and then wait the students out – DO NOT answer your own question just because you are uncomfortable with the length of the silence. If you answer your own first question – the students then know for the rest of the semester they just need to wait you out. How you approach asking your first question can set the standard for the rest of the semester.
  • It is worth visiting the classroom a few days before class and trying out the projector and microphone to better ensure a smooth first day. Technology issues are very infrequent these days but do occasionally occur. They may not be caused by you, but students can unfairly judge you if you spend the start of class fumbling with the classroom technology.


Guides and Information for New Faculty Teaching in Clinical Sciences Heading link

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