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Design and Development of Instructional Content

Designing and Developing for Excellence

What do we mean by design and development of instructional content? It all starts with the stated goals and objectives for a given activity to present to students. We are a multi-campus medical school, which means collaboration is key! For each block, clerkship, and elective course, colleagues at all three campuses work together to create engaging and effective instructional activities.

General Course Organization Guidelines Heading link

Take a look at some of the guidelines we have put together for designing and developing content.

Designing Micro-Lectures / Video Tutorials Heading link

Also called podcasts, micro-lectures are short recorded videos that may or may not incorporate interactivity. There are no ‘silver bullets’ when designing and developing recorded video. It’s really impossible to please everyone all the time.

Here are some take-a-ways about these kinds of video:

  • Video length matters, especially as a consideration before the video is viewed.  Videos that exceed four to seven minutes are unlikely to be viewed unless they are required, and even then it’s not a guarantee.
  • Voice quality in narration matters. Although preference in type of voice inevitably varies, the narrator’s voice is noticed over production value. It is important that the narrator speaks evenly and clearly.
  • Include example scenarios which will help ground the viewer to the information – essentially creating a ‘memory anchor.’
  • For brief how-to videos, there is a small preference for screencast instructional videos over a narrative role play scenario.